Welcome to Möwe.

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Welcome to Möwe Translations

My name is Claire Wenngren, and I translate in two primary fields:

IT/technical texts and legal texts

I have a wealth of experience in both fields and have been officially certified as a sworn translator and interpreter for German and English.

My training in the humanities fostered exceptional research skills and a distinctive, clear writing style that shines in my translations.

My background in the humanities also serves me well as a copywriter.

The name “Möwe Translations” might seem to be something of a misnomer for a company that also offers writing services, but I consider the process of transforming your ideas and concepts into informative texts with the proper style a form of translation.

If you would like to learn more about my translation and writing services, simply scroll down or use the buttons located at the top of this page. My data privacy statement and imprint are located on separate pages.

But what is a "Möwe"?

“Möwe” means “seagull” in German, and anyone who has visited my office in Kiel knows seagulls are very communicative birds, to put it lightly.

I founded Möwe Translations because I wanted to help people communicate effectively across cultural and linguistic boundaries. The seagull therefore seemed like an apt mascot for my enterprise.


US and UK flags
US and UK flags

Translation is quite literally the name of the game at Möwe Translations.

While translations are my daily bread, I do not simply see them as a means to an end. I consider translating to be an art—good translators require not only a masterful command of the source language but also command of proper style and tone in the target language.

That is one reason I have decided to focus on the language pair German-English. Although I communicate very well in many languages (and am always on the lookout for a new one), I find it expedient to truly master one source language as a translator and continuously develop communication skills in my native language. This process has involved studying British English since I entered the profession. Since 2016, I have offered my customers services in American and British English.

Within this language pair, I concentrate my efforts on two key fields: technical/IT texts and legal texts.

Many specialist fields have their own terms and jargon, which often resembles a foreign language in its own right. Following the same logic that led me to translate only from German to English, I have chosen these two areas because I was able to gain experience in them at and through agencies and have continued to hone my knowledge of the developments and terminology in both fields.

The best way to find out whether your project lies within my areas of expertise is to send me an inquiry containing an excerpt from your text or even your entire project. Please also let me know if you have access to translation memories or terminology databases from previous projects. By providing me with this information, you will also help me estimate a price and deadline for your project.

All prices mentioned on this website are estimates. They are subject to change and value added tax.

Programming code

IT and Technical Texts

Programming code

When I began working as a translator, I was responsible for SAP texts and studied programming so I could better comprehend them. Thus, when I now translate texts relating to IT and software, I can understand program steps and source code. Furthermore, when given access to test systems, I can perform system research to find the terms and user interface entries that are essential for troubleshooting texts and user manuals, for instance.

My experience in IT and software served as a springboard for my professional activity with technical texts. Many of the same terminology and user interface research skills apply to software/IT translations and technical translations.

In addition to technical manuals and software instructions, I also translate texts relating to software, technology, and IT on a more general basis. That means I also work with marketing texts, articles, and press releases pertaining to these sub-fields.

I use line prices to emphasize the relationships among words since the meaning of every word depends on its context. A line consists of 55 characters, including punctuation and spaces, and my prices for texts in this area begin at € 1.25 per line in the source text.

Lady Justice

Legal Translations

Lady Justice

I worked with legal texts for two years before becoming a certified translator in this field in November 2018. I am certified to translate German texts into English and provide sworn interpreting services in both languages.

Prices for certified translations and sworn interpreting services are governed by the German Justizvergütungs- und -entschädigungsgesetz (JVEG) [Law on Payment and Compensation by Judiciary Authorities] and begin at € 1.55 per line in the source text. According to the JVEG, this price may increase if your text is difficult to read, laden with specialist terminology, cannot be processed electronically or only with difficulty (in this case, the price is based per line of the target language), or must be translated on a rush basis. Interpreting services cost € 70.00 per hour as per the JVEG.


People writing

If you simply need a text written in English as opposed to a translation, I am happy to discuss your project with you.

I do not write texts about all subjects for the same reasons I do not translate in all fields. However, as a copywriter, I draw on my broad liberal arts education and research skills to write texts about topics beyond technology and legal matters. Generally, I focus on my fields of study (history, arts and culture), topics relating to my translations, and experience in foreign countries.

I determine copywriting prices based on your target word or character count and on the amount of research I have to perform for your project. To give you a rough idea of pricing, an article or press release containing 1,000 words and involving minimal research would cost between € 200 and € 250.

People writing

Contacting Möwe

If you have questions or would like to send Möwe an inquiry, please use the form below. Please note that I am based in Kiel (Central European Time) most of the year but often spend three or four weeks in Denver (Mountain Standard Time) during and after the holiday season.

Contact Form

An asterisk (*) denotes a required field.

You may send me texts using the upload function. If you do not receive a reply in a timely manner, please send a message to the e-mail address in my footer; should I be away, my automatic reply message will provide you with information regarding my return.

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About Möwe

...and the woman who founded it

Ms. Wenngren is happy to hear from you.

If I were to tell most people from Kiel “I found a Möwe!”, chances are they would ask what is so special about that. And if I were to tell them “I founded Möwe,” chances are they would correct my grammar and repeat the above question.

Whatever they might think about the matter, I founded Möwe in 2016.

If you take a look at my CV, you will see I studied art history and Russian. When I began my studies, I planned on becoming an art professor or a curator. As time passed, however, I noticed certain vagaries in my art historical interests and eventually realized they closely coincided with my linguistic interests. In short, I kept changing my field within art history so I would have an excuse to learn a new language.

That epiphany did not stop me from beginning a Ph.D. in cultural studies, but after one year as a DAAD scholar and another semester on my own initiative at the TU Dortmund [Technical University of Dortmund], I decided it was time to explore working with languages. In 2013, I was in an ideal position to look for work as a translator: I was already in Germany, had improved my German drastically since my arrival in September 2011, and could offer my skills as a native speaker of English.

I maintained my interest in art and culture by giving tours at the Kunsthalle zu Kiel in 2016 and 2017, sewing avidly, and taking up the piano and cello again; both fashion and music played key roles throughout my higher education. I also kept writing novels in the hopes of publishing with a renowned publisher. In the end, this hobby has played a critical role in my career development because it allows me to experiment with language at another level and explore new ways of communicating in different forms.

Ms. Wenngren would be happy to hear from you.